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The Farm

Farmer Phil can draw on five generations of farming experience on the same land, as well as having a formal education in agriculture. Phil is an approved producer for lamb under the Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb Scheme. This means that the farm is regularly inspected to ensure best practice and a high level of animal welfare, thus giving consumers added assurance that the sheep are managed in a professional caring manner.

The Abattoir

Farmer Phil Bond has formed a strong working business relationship with Tom Langs‘ abattoir at Ashburton, having taken lambs there almost every week for the past three years. Situated only twenty minutes away from the farm, our lambs have no long lorry journeys or waiting time in which to become stressed. The abattoir cutting and packing building is clean modern and efficient, but small enough to treat each animal as an individual. Manned by a small team of experienced staff who follow each animal through the whole process.